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PSK-KORS horse farms, stables and facilities: innovation and technologies in the service of these magnificent four-legged creatures!

Areas of Focus

PSK-KORS provides any kind of specialized equipment, devices, packaged units and constructions. Take a look at what we have!


Horse Livery

We will make the life of these beautiful animals comfortable and nice.


Horse Exercisers

We will provide our clients with the best and sustainable equipment.


Barn Accessories

Horse livery and maintenance should be comfortable for both animals and their owners.

Individual design and construction is our pride and unquestionable advantage.

Individual design and construction

Turnkey projects

Turnkey projects

A solution of all organizational, practical and everyday tasks business owners may face, from quick and easy grounds maintenance to the maintenance of individual horseboxes. When it comes to the construction of utility, engineering and other systems, you don’t have to worry anymore – we will take care of everything

A coordinated teamwork and competent staff. We genuinely love what we do and put all the efforts to make our clients and their cloven-footed team happy. Our considerable experience allows us to take on even the most complex projects and implement them with great success;

Project design corresponding with the needs and requirement of our clients. Apart from practical standard projects, we are ready to design and build equestrian sports facilities, stables and farms according to your needs and their individual characteristics (location, infrastructure, architecture, landscape, the number of horses, etc.);

Modern technologies. We use only high-quality technological equipment, tooling and materials (e.g. metal, plastics, awnings, glass, mirrors, etc.). The main criteria in choosing our suppliers is company reputation, perfect quality of products and compliance with international standards. We will ensure our clients with resistibility and longevity of our buildings.

We will build stables, horse farms and equestrian sports facilities from scratch as well as modernize and redesign already existing buildings to increase efficiency and profit from horse breeding.

Happy Clients

Finished Projects

Qualified Workers

Innovative Equipment

PSK-KORS is always on guard of your interests: we offer any kinds of additional equipment, devices and other necessary items.

Besides project designing and large-scale construction, we offer different kinds of equipment and products that you may need to make your stable or equestrian sports club function properly. Our list of offers is constantly updated and expanded basing on the needs of our customers; we are very responsive to the recommendations and suggestions, providing breeders and owners of stables, racetracks and schools with everything needed for a proper work. Among existing variety of items, which you can find in our catalogue of products, the most attention deserve:

  • grids: PSK-KORS uses the best flooring systems, strictly following all standards and norms and according to climate, geography and weather of the area;
  • equipment for sports competitions (judges booths, show jumping hurdles, starting boxes, etc.);
  • cleaning maintenance equipment (vacuum cleaners, washing machines, washer equipment, etc.);
  • barn windows, doors and gates;
  • racks, fences and boards of various types
  • hay steamers, feeders, waterers, grain flatteners;
  • horse exercisers, walkers;
  • other equipment to improve and develop your equestrian sports facilities.

Equipment for sports competitions

Racks, fences

Horse exercisers

We will provide our clients with the best and sustainable equipment. We offer you the most attractive services!

Open-air and indoor riding arenas and pens of different

Open-air and indoor riding arenas and pens of different width (15-18 m) with fencing

A covered riding arena/pen will protect the jockey and the horse from bad weather during training. It is designed to handle certain snow load, wind force and temperature extremes.

Horse walkers

Horse walkers (for 6-12 horses)

Horse walkers are the most popular horse exerciser, which gives desired physical load to your horses. They are an optimal solution to compensate the lack of physical activities as well as an ability to keep training exercises under control. Keeping your horse agile complements its health and brings good results at the competitions. PSK-KORS long-term top-quality walkers will keep your horse in shape!

Horse walkers

Water walkers

This horse exerciser has improved performance parameters, combining regular activities with healthy and pleasant aqua training and therapy. A horse walks or trots in the water of comfort temperature.


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About Us

PSK-KORS — We will build you a well-designed stable, barn and equestrian sports facilities properly and on time.





2005 – Formation of PSK-KORS

Our PSK-KORS team of like-minded entrepreneurs was built in 2005. This had taken a determined effort to assess the market situation, the strengths and weaknesses of our business competitors and possible mistakes and failures – in order to provide our clients with the highest quality services. Moreover, we have been constantly working at enlargement of our product diversity and increase of our quality level. Our company always keeps up with the times and corresponds to any needs of our clients.

2012 – Reorientation of PSK-KORS

Originally, PSK-KORS was a company specialized in steel metal construction of any kind for such sectors, as manufacturing and building and construction work. It became a turning point for us in 2012, when we focused on building barns, stables and equine sports clubs. Since then, equestrian sports as well as horse selection and horse breeding have become our working environment and our main business area. We genuinely love horses and equestrian sports and we are willing to introduce equestrian society to the present technological trends and tendencies; that played an essential role in choosing our top priority. Our goal is to make barns, stables and equine sports clubs most comfortable for both our clients and their cloven-footed team. Our PSK-KORS team consists of professional specialists both well-qualified and devoted to their job, who want to help our clients turn their dreams into reality.

PSK-KORS: The conquest of international markets

Today, when PSK-KORS have reached the highest level of development, we are ready to take our company global; we have all the needed resources, material and technical support to present the company to the potential clients in Europe, the UAE and the USA. We are proud of our success: of the innovative products implemented by PSK-KORS, our wide customer base and, particularly, of numerous thank-you letters from our clients, whom we helped to build and develop barns, stables and equine sports clubs.



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PSK-KORS horse farms, stables and facilities: innovation and technologies in the service of these magnificent four-legged creatures!